About Kiev

With more than 3 million population, Kyiv is one of the largest cities in Europe. And one of the most beautiful ones, too. Kyiv's history transcends more than 15 centuries. It has been  destroyed, rebuilt, conquered and freed, it has seen good leaders and bad leaders - but it stands strong as ever.

The contrast between Kyiv's ancient cathedrals, 19th century architectural wonders, monolithic relics from the Soviet blending with the 21st century masterpieces have a truly mesmerising effect on one's eyes. Kyiv has made a leap-jump in economy since the collapse of the Block - and its modern office buildings and shopping centres, which are sightseeing attractions in themselves, are but a taste of how much the city has evolved in the last 12 years.

No other city in Europe is as green as Kyiv during the summer - Kiev is full of vegetation, which creates a magical atmosphere of peace and comfort, that you will not find anywhere else in the world.  The views from its 42km long river banks, that ascend over the city to capture all its majesty and centuries-old history, are truly stunning.

Ukraine is renowned for its cuisine, and Kyiv is truly a constellation of cheap but quality restaurants, where you can experience all its delights.

And despite Kyiv's struggle to leave behind the artifacts left over from the authoritarian government, which only dims its aura of magnificence and beauty - this is a city one will fall in love with at first sight.

Whether it's your first time Kyiv or the tenth, this city will not stop to amaze you, with its rich history, magnificent architecture and stunning landscapes.